Website Design, Development,
Hosting, and Support 

Blue Zoo web services help you get your website designed by a team of passionate professionals with both creative and technical skills using a long standing process to exceed your expectations and hit your deadline and your budget. 

Rest Easy.

We’ve Got Your Back.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to work with through an entire process or you just need to get work done for a portion of your project, we’ll use our tried and true process to strategize and set the timeline to finish on time and hit the deadline you need. 

 Since 2008, we’ve built more than 200 websites for businesses and non-profits around the world. Our partners have built nearly 500 additional sites since 1997 as well. We can help you get your website designed, developed, and launched in a timely manner. 

We’ll work with you and your team to ensure your site encourages visitors to take action so you can focus on creating deals and closing sales for your business. 

Website Design and Development

Your website is the key to your online success.

Does yours help your business grow?

A good website needs to do many things: grab the visitor’s attention; navigate easily; communicate clearly about your business and products; and be a hub for your marketing and sales.

A great website does all this AND helps your business grow by attracting new customers or clients.

Website design and development go hand-in-hand with branding to ensure a consistent experience. We’ve honed the entire process into a multi-staged way to cover information structure with sitemaps, content arrangement with wireframes, and look-and-feel layout with a static design before it’s passed to development.

Once in development, all the functionality is integrated with the brand design for communication, updating, eCommerce, memberships, animations, mobile responsiveness, and much more needed in the ever-changing landscape of showcasing your presence online.

For a majority of our clients, the WordPress content management system (CMS) (which powers over 42.9% of all websites globally and 65.2% with an identifiable CMS are using WordPress), is what we use as it’s easy to update and use.

Our Process

Coffee Meeting

At this first meeting, even before creating a proposal, we dig into all aspects of what you need and more. If we all feel like it was productive, we’ll create a proposal for review within a few days depending on the complexity.

Team Selection

Once the proposal is accepted, we engage all the passionate professionals from our Pride Creative Community for your project. These people are trusted partners in their ability to hit deadlines and over-deliver. 

Kick-off sesssion

Within a week of engagement, we bring all the Blue Zoo team together to meet with you (and your team) so everyone gets a chance to ask questions, set deadlines, and envision what a successful end looks like for all.

Design Phase

Your website project may be a simple conversion or need photography, video, content, and added functionality. Here’s where that happens and you get many steps along the way to review. 

Project Review

There aren’t many surprises along the way with our process. You’ll start with all the pages needed, see how content will be organized, and review a static design before development begins. No surprises. 

Final Launch

After the development site is tested, reviewed, and gone through our propriety checklist, we launch your new website and wait for the “Ooooohs’ and ”Ahhhhs’ to roll in.  

WordPress Website Hosting


Blue Zoo has been taking care of hosting for more than 12 years. Call us today or simply fill out the form below and one of our team will reach out to learn more about your specific hosting needs. 

Gain peace of mind for; security, updates, stability, support, questions, and more. Blue Zoo has been managing website hosting for over ten years in Northwest Arkansas. 

 Keep your website safe and secure. 

Website Support

We used to have a saying around the “Zoo” for new clients: “Have your monkeys wandered off?” When it comes to support it can look like many things: 

  • Updates
  • Postings
  • Additions
  • Changes
  • Training
  • Research for new functionality

The options go on and on. Our hosting plans (above) cover the various levels of support, but we are available on an ‘as needed’ basis and we always give estimates before doing any work on your site. For websites hosted on other hosting platforms, we are available as well, but cannot guarantee and ensure the support. 

Need a Little More?

Blue Zoo is a Creative Agency focusing on branding for web, print, and digital mediums. Make your brand inspire action and drive people, wherever they are, to do something specific; get someone to buy your product, educate your customer base, encourage people to join your cause, or motivate a nation to create change. 


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